Who Takes the Hit on a Clocked Car – the Dealer or the Buyer?

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I checked out a car today – 2008 with 77,000 miles on the clock. This car was in a car sales lot. This car sales lot was owned by a personal friend of mine that I knew was 100% straight. The car had oil leaking from three different places. It sounded like a tractor and the oil was as thick … Read More

Hybrid Cars In Ireland

I have done many inspections on hybrid cars and I am very impressed so far and it really is a “no brainer “ for people who drive mainly in the city. A single person living in the city really only needs a two door petrol car but most single people will buy 4 or 5 door diesels. Hybrids carry no … Read More

Ireland’s Most Popular Used Car

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The BMW 3-series is the most sought after used car. There is no doubt that BMW have more street cred than most, but is this just fashion and image or are they any better than their competitors? Looking through older BMW brochures we can see that the 3-series was aimed at women and the 5-series at men, but the 3-series … Read More

€20 Per Mile New Car Depreciation

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I am often asked what is the best used car to buy. I always give the same answer: the one with the most depreciation. Every manufacturer is in competition with the other so the differences between quality, ride and performance is negligible and major differences are only in the minds of the buyers. Some people think VW’s are better than … Read More

Take Responsibility for Your Safety

A crashed car

I had a call to look at a car in a garage. The buyer was from out of town and did not want to waste his time travelling if the car was no good. This car was advertised at a price half its value so his suspicions and mine were aroused. I checked the car and it was 99% perfect … Read More

How to Waste €95

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Sometimes I get lost for words. Last week I checked out a car in an SIMI garage. The buyer had seen and driven the car before calling me and just wanted to make sure it was mechanically ok before going forward. I keep very accurate statistics about my business which is easy as it is mostly done on computer so … Read More

Overpriced Jag

This weeks star example was a 2014 top of the range Jaguar on offer from a garage for €48,000 with no history and with 38,000 miles indicated. The engine was very badly worn. It was so worn that I began to doubt myself. I had done an inspection on a similar car in another garage two weeks earlier so I … Read More

Accident Damaged Cars Sold in Garages

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Accident repaired cars are common in car sales. What disturbs me is that the garages are not telling the buyer even though the cars are recorded as write-offs. These cars are usually well repaired and only an expert can tell where they are damaged. Accident repaired cars may or may not be recorded, however, cars with adverse history sell in … Read More

Almost buying a Category B Write off

inspecting a car under a microscope

This week I had a buyer who was a bit upset that he had wasted his money having a car inspected. The car was a 2011 VW Passat estate, 2.0L with 60,000 miles on it. The buyer had driven from Dublin to Drogheda twice to view the car and had taken long test drives. He agreed a price with the … Read More