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Reg#: Example Mileage: 1000,000
Year: 1999 Make: VW Ringo
NCT: 01-01-16 Tax: 01-01-16

Dublin Diagnostics is an independent car inspection service.

All assessments are based on year and indicated mileage and are the opinion of the examiner on the date of the inspection. Please use the registration number on to verify this report. If you have any questions please call us on Tel :085 282 0010

Conditions are: G = Good S = Serviceable P = Poor

Item Inspected Comments G S P
NCT No Hologram,
Service History Main Dealer,
Engine Oil Condition Dirty,
Engine Performance Rough Running, Small family of mice living in turbo
Engine Noise Turbo squicks
Engine Leaks Coolant,
Gearbox Operation
Gearbox Noise
Clutch Operation
Clutch Noise
Coolant Leaks Radiator, Water Pump,
Coolant Gaskets Head Gasket,
Coolant Level No Antifreeze,
Body Work Scratch, Dents, Rust
Tyres Wheels Buckled, Damaged,
Warning Lights Engine, Airbags,
Brakes Worn Discs,
Suspension Too Low,
Drive Shafts Noisy,
Electric Windows Faulty,
Central Locking Key Only,
Interior Condition Hair, Smells, Need intense vallet
Air Conditioning
Handbrake Not Holding,
Headlights Missing bulb,
Previous Accident Damage No

Date of Examination: 2015-01-01
Examiner: John Lynch

Final Comments:

Rusty and dilapidated with numirous faults, does not run.

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Front Left Tire Tread

2 mm

Front Right Tire Tread

2 mm

Back Left Tire Tread

2 mm

Back Right Tire Tread

2 mm