Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find list of the most frequently asked questions simply click on a question to learn more.

We send out a qualified expert to the seller’s house or premises and he inspects the car for obvious defects and makes a list of his findings.
There is no need to meet the inspector in person. He can report his findings over the phone. Payment can be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer.
Companies specializing in finding the written/recorded history of a car exist (such as My Wheels/ Cartel or others). They have a limited database to work with, but this should only be considered a guideline not as a 100% certainty either way.

Some cars (not many) record the mileage on their inboard computer that can independently record the mileage separately from the indicated mileage. Simply attaching a diagnostic computer can reveal the mileage. Main dealer service histories can be a very accurate way to check mileage as records are kept on computer and can be verified. A stamped non main dealer service history can be verified only by calling the garage in question and asking them the relevant questions.

All manufacturers supply from new a booklet outlining service intervals. As a car reaches its service mileage the car goes to a garage and they stamp this booklet to say this has been done.Some garages will do an oil change and stamp the book, but at that point the car might need more service items such as a timing belt or oil filter change so the book is stamped, but the real service isn’t done.

A common problem found by us is owners wanting to save money and have their cars serviced cheaply such as “Full service €99”. This is not possible on cars built after 1998 because the oil alone costs €55 that modern cars must have. So what happens is that unsuitable reconditioned (cleaned) oil is used which leads to premature engine failure even in low mileage cars. Even if the book is fully stamped it should only be used as a guideline.

Service histories can be forged. Take the value of an executive car costing €100,000, clock up 100,000 miles and the car is worth €10,000. Now turn the clock back to 40,000 miles and you now have a car worth €50,000. A new service book costs €30 and 4 new rubber stamps costs €100 and you have a fully stamped service book an extra €30,000. Service histories should only be used as a guideline.

This means a fault is present in the airbags and they are no longer working or protecting you or your passengers.
Modern cars have multiple airbags – up to 13 – plus the sensors. This is controlled by a small computer. A working fault, a mechanical fault or a drop in voltage can cause this malfunction light to suddenly appear. If the light goes out the computer has corrected itself. If it remains on it needs to be connected to a specialized diagnostic computer to locate the exact fault.