Car Diagnostics

So something isn’t working with your car. Step one to getting it fixed is to find out what’s gone wrong, and the best way to do that is to ask an expert. With over 30 years of experience inspecting and diagnosing cars you would be hard pressed too find someone who is more expert than our inspector.But just being an expert isn’t always enough, sometimes you need the right equipment too and with more than €10,000 of diagnostic equipment at our disposal you can be confident we can diagnose your car.


Things that require an expert to diagnose



Modern cars are fitted with with computers that monitor and run the major functions of the car. Each function has its own computer and each computer talks to each other. This series of networked computers is called an Electronic Control Unit or ECU for short. An ECU requires specialized diagnostics computers to diagnose & repair.

Air Bags

Diagnosing issues with a cars air bag system can be expensive and dangerous for someone without experience and the correct tools As they are designed to explode outward violently when disutrbed.

Call an expert

Picture of Two Exploded Airbags
Brake disk for car


The Anti Lock Braking System or ABS is responsible for stopping your car as quickly and safely as possible and as such is something best left to the experts so you can be confident you can stop your car on time.

some electrical issues with ABS can also only be diagnosed with the proper equipment.

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