Car Inspection

Car Inspections

A typical car inspection would start by walking around the bodywork checking for signs of damage past and present. This includes the gaps between panels. The bonnet would be lifted and the internal bodywork checked for damage past and present then the boot would be opened and checked for damage past and present. The engine would be started and examined for excessive smoke, blowback, unusual noises and signs of overheating. The car would be test driven to see if power is appropriate to the manufacturers horsepower.

The engine would also be tested to see if it was smooth running through the revolution range and that it would reach full revolutions. As the engine was being tested the gearbox would be checked for smooth operation, noises and syncromesh wear (common problem). The clutch would be tested for smooth pick up and delivery of power (very common problem). The drive shafts, steering, brakes would be tested for correct operation. The warning lights would be checked to ensure they are present and working correctly. The brake pedal rubber, gearstick, steering wheel, seat belts, are checked for wear. The seats and carpets are looked over for rips, burns and stains.For a full list of items inspected click here

Why Get A Car Inspection?

When you go to buy a car there are many things that the average buyer will not notice such as:

  • Clocked Mileage
  • Electrical Damage
  • Incorrect repair work

With 30 years of experience in car diagnostics & and car inspections we know what to look for: Which cars have fragile clutches? What model's snap their timing belts?

30 Years of experience has given us the answers to these problems, and more!

Car Inspection Report Form

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For an Example Inspection Report

Our inspector will fill out our detailed custom inspection form as he inspects over 100 items on the car, these are some examples of the items we inspect:

  • Engine Performance
  • Emmisions
  • Turbo
  • Timing Chain
  • Pistons

For a full list of items inspected click the button below

Full list of Items Inspected

Common car buying mistakes

  • Not having their purchase independently examined beforehand
  • Not paying a little extra for a higher spec model
  • Not paying a little extra for a better example
  • Buying the cheapest car thinking it is a bargain

Don't assume certain makes are better than others without any real evidence. For example, thinking all VWs are good because they are Vws or thinking all French cars are bad because they are not German or Japanese.

Unsuitable vehicle choice e.g. a 4 x 4 when it should be a small hatchback, a 5 door when it should be 3 door, a hatchback when it should be a saloon.

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