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At Dublin Diagnostics we offer a mobile independent car inspection & diagnostics service based in Dublin so that when you are thinking of buying a used car you can have peace of mind that the car you are buying is the right car for you. Our senior inspector has over 30 years of experience inspecting and diagnosing cars of all makes and models. As an independent car inspection service that does not offer repair or maintenance work you know that we are not "making work for the mechanic" and as such you are getting a truly independent report.

Why should you get your car inspected?

For peace of mind.

More than 55% of cars in Ireland have been found to have had their mileage tampered with

Private cars - clocked or serous issues
Car Sales Lots - clocked or serous issues
S.I.M.I - clocked or serous issues
Main Dealers - clocked or serous issues
When you go to buy a car there are many things that the average buyer will not notice such as
  • Mileage tampering (It's legal to "clock" the mileage of a car in this country)
  • Electrical damage
  • Incorrect repair work
With 30 years of experience in car diagnostics and car inspections we know what to look for: Which cars have fragile clutches? What models snap their timing belts? 30 years of experience has given us the answers to these problems and many more!

Pricing & Regions

While Dublin Diagnostics is based in Dublin we do cater to locations outside of Dublin by request at an additional charge, examples of these charges can be found below

Green Areas


Red Areas

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What is a car inspection?

A Dublin diagnostics car inspection means our senior inspector will go out to the car you are thinking of buying and carry out a full inspection of the car for you so that you can be confident with your purchase. We then provide you with an inspection report that can be viewed online Click here for an example report Some of the items we check are such things as the engine performance, gearbox operation, clutch, accident damage, brakes, suspension, oil, electronics for a full list of items inspected click here Click here to find out more about car inspections

We also offer car diagnostics

What are car diagnostics?

Modern cars are fitted with with computers that monitor and run the major functions of the car. Each function has its own computer and each computer talks to each other. This series of computers is called an Electronic Control Unit - or ECU for short. We here at Dublin Diagnostics use our diagnostic equipment to communicate with this ECU and by doing so find any faults that may be in the electronics of the car. We also have Specialised Diesel only diagnostic equipment far beyond the scope of main dealers Click here to find out more about car diagnostics Click here to book your car inspection or diagnostics now!

Pre Inspected Cars For Sale By Customers

How to Sell Your Car Fast

In a market saturated with used cars why would anybody pay €10,000 in a garage for a car that they could buy for €6,000 from a private seller? They are paying for security real or imagined. People will pay thousands for security and confidence - real or imagined – and this is how you sell your car faster and for a better price. GIVE THE BUYER CONFIDENCE with an independent car inspection report.

  • A potential buyer can have the confidence and security of a second opinion before he views the car.
  • It widens the area of potential buyers as buyers will travel when they know the condition of the car they are considering.
  • Expands the potential sale area to the whole of the country.
  • Buyers can find pre-inspected cars from confident sellers and remember not one garage in the whole of Ireland is willing to do this as they reserve the right to sell rubbish.
  • This gives sellers an immediate advantage over other sellers and even garages.
  • It answers all the buyer's questions making the sale effortless.
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